Invisalign Open Days are a great way to grab yourself some extra ortho patients – that’s a given. Yet it’s often tough to understand how you can best market and get the most out of your day. Here we’ll go through a strategy you can use to fill up your Open Day in no time. It makes use of Facebook Ads and a chat bot. The idea being, the chatbot works to qualify your leads, once they’re qualified, we send them over to a booking system to fill up the books.

1. Develop Your Offer

First things first – you need to have an offer that is going to stop those Facebook scrollers in their tracks. You’ll often see practices offering £1000-£2000 discount. You do not have to do that. Actually, you don’t need that great an offer at all. What you need, is the right wording to make your offer seem as great as it can be. Anything that comes with the free consult you can add up as freebies. A free iTero scan, the free consult itself, free whitening etc.

An example we’ve used in the past is to present the user with an offer in which they’ll be able to save up to £900 on Invisalign. This included a free whitening, discounted retainers and a free iTero scan. In most cases, all of this would probably be free anyway without the Open Day – packaging this all as an exclusive, one time offer is key.

2. Create Your Facebook Ads

Now you need to package this into your Facebook Ad. Here’s an example of what we’ve used in the past.

A few important points to note here. You need to focus on what is included in the offer rather than simply the price. Secondly, it’s a good idea to stress how this offer is exclusive and how there are a limited number of places – which there are. This adds in a scent of scarcity and pushes the user to make the decision to book in with you.

Along with the ad text, you’re going to need an image. Do not use some dodgy stock image. They lack trust – a very important aspect of dental marketing. Believe me, we have tested EVERYTHING. An average quality photo of the dentist with a patient is much, much better than a polished HD stock image. Of course, a decent quality photo of your dentist with a patient would be perfect.

Once all this is done, you’ll need to set up some targeting. Ideally, focus on 20-40 year old women. You can throw in a few interest in beauty, reality TV, self development and such. Make sure to also target your location. Create a few more audiences to test along with this – include some re-marketing audiences from people who have interacted with your page before.

Finally, you’ll need to set the objective of the ad as ‘messenger’ so that we can link it all up to the chat bot in the next step.

3. Create Your Chatbot

The point of the chatbot is to qualify your leads. You’ll find a lot of people click on to your ad and message in. They don’t really know what an Invisalign Open Day is. They don’t really want to pay a deposit. You need to teach them a little more about what it’s all about. You need to also inform them that you’ll be taking a small deposit of just £10. This will not only make sure the people booking in your slots are genuine – it ensures they’ll actually turn up on the day – nobody wants a day full of DNA!

We recommend to use Manychat for your bot. I’ll list out the steps you need to take for your ‘flow’ right now.

This is a little more complex than a regular chat bot as you need to include a JSON form. This is then embedded into your Facebook messenger ad. It means that when someone clicks ‘sign up’ on your messenger ad, the first step of the bot will pop up in their chat. They’ll then be presented with a button that you want them to click. If they click it then then full flow of the chatbot ensues – hurray!

We then include the qualifying messages and follow up with the booking system. If they reach a certain point in the conversation i.e. get all the way to booking but never cross the line, then you can add a ‘condition’ that automatically send them a message to see if they needed any help with their booking.

Here’s how the full chatbot flow should look:

If the lead passes all the way through, they arrive at a Calendly booking system which send a notification back to your practice manager- boom!

If they get so far but then leave the chat or are distracted – not to worry. We installed an automatic follow up notification to reconnect with those that didn’t complete the sequence.

4. Follow Up Your Leads

If you managed to get to this point then congrats – your Calendly booking system will be filled with new bookings. But you aren’t done there. We don’t want these people to book in and then not turn up to their booking. So, we always recommend asking for a nominal £10 fully refundable deposit.

As soon as a booking is made (within 10 mins) you want to be calling the patient up. If you cannot answer – send a text message (and an email). Keep trying to call, do not worry about annoying them, they booked a place and know that you’ll be chasing them up.

Make sure to phrase the £10 refundable deposit in a nice way and make sure they understand that it is fully refundable.

5. Extras to Optimise Your Campaign

If you want to go the extra mile and really squeeze the most out of this campaign, which I know you will, then here’s a few tips you can utilise.

Firstly, add a new banner to your Facebook page as well as posting the ad to your page and adding it as a sticky post.


Well, lots of people will see your ad and then click on your page instead of clicking ‘sign up’. Usually, they’ll land on the page and then see nothing related to Invisalign – then they’re off distracted in the wonderland of the digital world.

Rather, set everything up so that if they do click or search your page name, when they arrive there they will see Invisalign Open Day everywhere they look. They then understand they’re in the right place. They still have Invisalign on their mind and there is a good chance they’ll click your call to action and book in fo the Open Day.

And that’s it – you’re good to go. Any questions about this, feel free to drop us a message, no sweat!

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