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Landing Page Conversion Rate
Cost Per Lead

Here you’ll see a screenshot straight out of our Google Ads account over a period of three months in which we gained new patient leads for a client. Notice the teeth straightening column.

dentistry teeth straightening

How We Did It

This practice had particularly high competition in the dental PPC arena. To rise to the top, we studied the competition’s Ads & crafted our own based on what we found. We coupled this with a Single Keyword Ad Group strategy to harvest a fantastic click through rate. Our dedicated landing pages were the final piece of the puzzle to bring in new, qualified leads at less than £20 each.

Item No.

01. Competitor Research

When competition is fierce, it’s imperative that your ad copy is crafted around what other dentists are saying. For example, with companies like Smile Direct Club making scandalous claims in their copy. It’s fair to say that we need to point out the good points of choosing a trusted dentist over their cheap mail order aligners.

Item No.

02. Single Keyword Ad Groups

In order to make our ads as relevant as possible to the potential patient, we split our ad groups up using the SKAG strategy. This means that the patient is seeing relevant ads talking exactly about what they searched. This enabled us to increase Click Through Rate and improve Quality Score.

Item No.

03. Dedicated Landing Pages

This dentist had a poorly designed website meaning that traffic that had previously been sent to the site simply was not converting. Luckily for them, we develop our own landing pages for each client. This gave us a boost in conversion rates from 3% to 14%.

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